Benefits of Sheers & Shadings

Many of grew up in homes with blinds. And this is no coincidence: blinds are convenient, versatile, and easy to use. But that also means that when many of us think “window treatments,” we actually think “blinds.” This can limit our decision-making when it comes to choosing the right window treatments for our homes. If you find yourself not sure what all of your options for Hunter Douglas window treatments are, let the window treatment professionals at Blinds & Us in Seneca, South Carolina tell you why you should consider sheers or shadings for your home.

Light Diffusion

Possibly the greatest strength of sheers and shadings is what turns many people off of them. With harder window treatments like blinds and shutters, you can achieve fairly total light control. You won’t get that with sheers and shadings, but what you will get is also something fantastic. Rather than blocking the light that comes into our homes, sheers and shadings filter light, so that you still get the benefits of natural sunlight without any of the harshness that it can sometimes bring.

Design Options

Harder window treatments aren’t just made out of harder material; they also have harder lines, and provide a more structured look to a space. If that isn’t what you want for your home, then sheers and shadings are going to be a great option for you. Hunter Douglas’s sheers and shadings are made out of fabric, which combined with their light diffusing capabilities adds a soft, tender touch to any room in which they’re placed.

Energy Efficiency

You may not think about window treatments affecting your energy bill, but they do actually have an impact on how much energy your home is consuming. All window treatments are going to make your home somewhat more efficient, as they keep the temperature in your home more consistent, requiring you to use less heating and cooling. But you can actually go one step further to make your home more energy efficient: honeycomb shades. Hunter Douglas’s honeycomb shades are specifically designed to make your home more energy efficient by trapping air inside their specially designed cells, thus insulating your home from the elements. There will be no reaching for the thermostat with these smart shades in your home.

Have we convinced you about the benefits of sheers and shadings? Stop by Blinds & Us in Seneca, South Carolina today to order yours. We also proudly serve the surrounding area, including Clemson and Anderson.